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Discounted prices on cases of wine

What discount will I receive when I buy a case of wine?

The discount you will receive when purchasing a case of wine depends on the price, we are able to negotiate with the winemaker or supplier. We strive to secure the best possible prices for our members, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment in our wines.


10% off all wine education classes

What type of classes are included?

The classes included in our offerings encompass a range of wine-focused educational experiences, such as Wine 101, where you'll delve into the basics of wine appreciation and varietals. Additionally, we offer Wine Structure classes, which explore the intricate components that contribute to a wine's flavor and character. For those seeking to refine their palate and sharpen their skills, Blind Tasting classes are also available, providing a thrilling opportunity to develop the ability to discern wine characteristics without visual cues. These classes aim to deepen your understanding and passion for wine in engaging and interactive ways.


$10 off corkage fee for every bottle at Complexity

Can I bring any bottle of wine and get $10 off the corkage fee?

Yes, we are happy to provide $10 off the corkage fee for each bottle of wine club members bring into Complexity.

Do I need to pay a corkage fee for bottles of wine that I buy at Simplicity?

Yes, bottles of wine are sold at the retail price and do not include service overhead costs.

Do I need to pay a corkage fee for bottles included in my Wine Cellar Club membership?

A $10 corkage fee will be charged to Cellar Club members for any bottles of wine included during that month’s release. i.e., only the wines released during that month will be eligible.


Seasonal Offers and first access to special wine events.

What types of seasonal wine offers do you provide?

We provide a variety of seasonal wine offers to complement the changing tastes and preferences throughout the year. in the spring, we might focus on fresh, aromatic whites, sparkling wines, and vibrant rosés to welcome the arrival of warmer weather and outdoor entertaining. During the summer months, we may feature crisp and refreshing white wines, rosés, and light-bodied reds perfect for outdoor gatherings and picnics. Finally, in the fall, our offers might highlight robust reds, spicy blends, and rich dessert wines that pair well with hearty meals and cozy evenings by the fire. As winter approaches, we may showcase bold reds, and sparkling selections ideal for festive celebrations. Our seasonal wine offers aim to provide our customers with a curated selection that complements the flavors and occasions of each time of year, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience with every sip.


What special wine events do you offer?

Complexity Wine Lounge and Restaurant offers a diverse range of wine events to cater to various interests and preferences.


Wine Talks: Regular events featuring themed tastings, such as regional showcases, varietal comparisons, or vertical tastings of specific wineries.

Winemaker Dinners: Special evenings where guests can enjoy a multi-course meal paired with wines from a featured winemaker, with the opportunity to interact directly with the winemaker or representative.

Educational Workshops: Workshops focused on wine education, covering topics such as wine pairing, wine production methods, and wine appreciation techniques.

Wine and Food Pairing Events: Events dedicated to exploring the art of pairing wine with food, featuring curated tasting menus designed to complement specific wines.

Blind Tasting Challenges: Fun and interactive events where guests can test their wine knowledge and palate by participating in blind tasting competitions.

Wine Flights: Regularly rotating wine flight offerings, allowing guests to sample a selection of wines grouped by theme or region.


By offering a diverse lineup of wine events, Complexity Wine Lounge and Restaurant can provide a dynamic and engaging experience for wine enthusiasts and casual patrons alike, fostering a sense of community and excitement around wine culture.

Premium Wine Membership

What type of wines will come in the Premium Wine Membership?

Premium Wine Membership includes wines with a retail value over $75 per bottle and come from prestigious vineyards and wine producers from all over the world. Depending on availability, each month may include one white and one red or two reds.


Access to small-batch, limited inventory wine selections.


What are small-batch, and limited inventory wine selections?

Small-batch and limited inventory wine selections refer to wines produced in limited quantities, often from boutique wineries or artisanal producers. These wines are typically crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality over quantity. Small-batch wines are made in smaller fermentation vessels, allowing for more precise control over the winemaking process and often resulting in unique flavor profiles. Limited inventory indicates that only a limited number of bottles of a particular wine are produced, making these selections exclusive and sought after by wine enthusiasts. These wines are prized for their rarity, distinctiveness, and the craftsmanship that goes into their production, offering wine lovers the opportunity to explore and enjoy wines that are not widely available.


As these opportunities emerge, Cellar Club members will have the exclusive privilege of being the first to taste and place orders for these limited-edition small-batch wines.


Cellar Club access-only wines, to stock your wine cellar/collection.

How does access-only wines work?

As we get access to unique, and rare wines, we will make them exclusively accessible to members of the Cellar Club. These wines are specifically curated for club members, providing them with unique selections to enhance and expand their wine cellars or collections.


Monthly e-newsletter with background on club wines and regions.


What type of information is included in the newsletter?

The monthly e-newsletter contains detailed background information on the wines featured in the club, including their origins, tasting notes, and the regions they hail from. Additionally, members can expect to find insightful articles about different wine-producing regions, grape varieties, and winemaking techniques, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world of wine.


How will I receive the newsletter?

We will only offer emails and e-newsletters as part of our Cellar Club communications. This decision is made to keep the costs of the club down, ensuring that members can enjoy high-quality wines at the best possible value.

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