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Wine Education Classes

Wine Tasting 101

Ever wonder what all the formalities are with wine tasting? Ever feel intimidated or would just like to know what the purpose is for all the formalities?  Let us help demystify wine tasting, wine etiquette and wine terms so you’ll feel confident exploring wine in any venue setting.  We will discuss basic wine terminology, how to taste wine, how to serve wine, wine storage, serving temperature, and how to tell when a wine is bad.  Of course, we will be tasting several wines during our exploration and show you how to write useful wine tasting notes.

Wine Structure

Great wine can be complex and you can tell when the layers of flavor dance along your pallet but sometimes it is difficult to describe what it is you are experiencing. Take the next plunge with us into this complex wine world and learn about wine structure.  We will explore key wine terms, descriptors of common wine varietals, wine production, the four elements of wine along with some pallet exploration and training. You’ll sound like a wine expert when you finish this class!

Candy and Wine Pairing

Halloween is no longer just for kids!  Not to mention who doesn’t love Halloween Candy? Complexity Wine is excited to announce it’s first annual Candy and Wine Pairing classes!  Come celebrate October like never before by taking the amazing flavors of your favorite Halloween candy to an all new spooky level. We will explore 6 Halloween candy favorites and a wine to pair with each. We will discuss candy flavors and provide in-depth background on the wine varietals selected for each pairing.  In addition, we will mix and match so you can see how the wine and flavors change with each candy. You will be sure to love this spooky pallet exploration!

Thanksgiving Holiday Wine Pairing

Ever wonder how to pick the perfect wine for Thanksgiving? Let us help you make this Thanksgiving dinner or party an amazing Holiday experience. We will discuss food and wine pairing basics, then get right to business tasting some twists on traditional Thanksgiving dishes and pair wines that will make those foods explode like you have never tasted them before. In addition, each guest will be provided with recipes to take home and share with their loved ones.

Christmas Holiday Wine Pairing

Just as we finish our traditional Thanksgiving feasts, we step right in to Christmas where we spend so much time planning and preparing some of the most memorable foods to share with family and friends. Let us help you take some creative Christmas recipes and burst those flavors like you have never tasted them before by pairing them with some spectacular wines.   We will discuss traditional Christmas flavors and spices, learn about five wine varietals and of course experience how the wines taste with their carefully selected Christmas food parings. In addition, each guest will be provided with recipes to take home and share with their loved ones.

Spice and Wine Pairing – Did you know that wine LOVE’S SPICE?  When you pair certain spices with the perfect wine varietals, a layered flavor explosion takes place that sends every sensory into a euphoric delight. Pairings of Thyme and Sauvignon Blanc, Ginger and Riesling, Rosemary and Syrah, Black Pepper and Zinfandel, and Basil and Cabernet Sauvignon, just to name a few. Spices often dictate the type of wine you should choose and did you know can even change the traditional white wine and chicken dish into a bold red wine and chicken dish? Join us in an exploration of sensory delight by learning how specific wines naturally and congruently pair with specific spices from our mother earth.


Bubble Exploration

Who doesn’t LOVE bubbles?  They are sophisticated, sensual, fun and one of the best remedies for bringing a joyful ending to a bad day. Do you know anyone who can stay sad while sipping on a glass of bubbles? We don’t, not to mention bubbles are so magical that they can even turn a basic date into a marriage proposal. This class will explore 5 different types of our favorite bubbles providing you with the history, production, and flavor profile for each. You will discover the differences between each type, the regions they come from, what characteristics to look for, winemaking techniques that set them apart from one another, and what foods they pair with.  Finally, you’ll learn how to find a great bottle for any occasion without draining your pocket book.