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Let's Get Cheesy with Andante Dairy

Andante Dairy established in 1999 by Soyoung Scanlon who started out as a biochemist with a strong background and love for classical music as an avid pianist. Bring these passions together and what you get is some of the most amazing cheese you will ever experience. Soyoung, by choice, works alone and is highly respected figure in the artisan cheese making business. She is known for producing small quantities of extremely high-quality cheeses most of which are made in French style and each version is named after a musical term. In stock now in limited quantities.

Metronome – Is a soft-ripened fresh cheese made from pasteurized goat and cow’s milk. It finished in a pyramid shape with a flat top and has a slight tang of goat’s milk. Has a firm texture near the edges with a pale yellow, creamy, smooth past that intensifies as it ages.

Picolo – A triple cream cheese made of Jersey cow’s milk, and crème fraiche. It has a dense texture, with notes of mushrooms, nuts, and sweet milk.

Cavatina – is made from pasteurized goat’s milk and covered with ash. The rind of the cheese is gray-white in color with a soft, delicate undulating surface. The interior of the cheese is pure white. This cheese is bright, with a wonderful balance of citrus, earth, grass, and savory barnyard notes.

Minueto – A soft-ripened, triple crème made using pasteurized goat’s milk with cow’s milk crème fraiche added to the curds. Flavors are bright and clean, with a fine silky texture and long creamy finish.

Figaro – Only made at the end of California’s fig season. It is produced with a blend of cow’s and goat’s milk that is wrapped while young in a fig leaf that has been steeped in wine. This cheese is soft and delicate, with savory, mildly tangy notes, and a mild hint of a fruity character.

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