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Let's Get Cheesy: January 2021

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The beginning of a new year always brings about a sense of reflection. Reflection on the previous year, previous decade, thoughts of childhood and reflection on the person we are today. Many times, this also brings about reflection on how many days we may have skipped the gym this year and all the food we ate over the holidays (which was totally worth it by the way). With this spirit in mind, we decided to embrace and celebrate the cliche “New Year’s Resolution” and picked three cheeses that are low in fat, lean and a little less of a guilty pleasure!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and wish you good luck in your

New Year’s Resolutions, whatever they may be! Let’s Get Cheesy!

Our first cheese is Le Delice du Jura a Reblochon(ish) cheese. Reblochon is rare cheese from France, Prefere de Fromi; THIS is a GREAT FIND! This exquisite aromatic cheese is a relatively scarce find in the United States, so take advantage of it while you can! Since true Reblochon can no longer be imported to the USA, this is the closest we have found to that rare pleasure. Le Delice du Jura itself has a creamy texture, a nutty aftertaste,

and a delicate herbal aroma.

The second cheese is Casatica de Buffala, a Buffalo Cheese!

Casatica from Italy, is a full-fat pasteurized buffalo milk cheese made by Quattro Portoni in Bergamo, Italy. It is a soft-ripened cheese with an attractive flowery/bloomy rind and a pristine white, soft paste. Flavors are delicate and creamy, evocative of the richness of buffalo's milk. It also holds a distinct earthiness and slight tang in the finish.

The third cheese of the month is Herbs de Humboldt is a spin on a familiar cheese. Cypress Grove, from Northern CA, has married together two blends of great flavor to bring us Herbs de Humboldt. This is a fresh Chevre style goat cheese with all of the fragrant herbs you love, dried at the peak of the season and ready to transport you to the bountiful, beautiful countryside. Flavors are earthy, floral and delicately herbaceous.

Wine Pairings:

This month’s wine flight is going to be especially fun! We found three delicious wines that pair perfectly with all three cheeses and create a unique flavor experience with each cheese all it’s own. This is our favorite part of wine and cheese pairing, when we discover how different combinations create new flavors!

Wines: Amayna Sauv Blanc, Domain de Niazas Rose, and Mitchella Merlot

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