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Let's Get Cheesy - Hello Fall!

Fall has officially arrived, and although the weather doesn’t seem like Fall in many areas of Southern California, it is definitely beginning to show out here in the Antelope Valley. The changing colors of leaves and cool crisp air; AHHH… makes our desert landscape and beautiful sunsets especially enjoyable this time of year.

Now that Halloween is already behind us, many of us are already planning and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Here at Complexity, we are certain that there are a thousand ways you can incorporate cheese into a Thanksgiving dinner but we decided to keep it simple. Why not a beautiful cheese board? Simple and yet satisfies so many.

This month we picked cheeses that not only satisfy every palate, but also display beautifully on any cheese board. These cheese selections take comfort food to an exquisite level of decadence and beauty. Happy Thanksgiving to all and may there be many blessed cheesy moments for you and your family, throughout this coming holiday season.

Cabra Romero is a very aromatic, very unique Spanish cheese from Murcia, Spain, a region famous for its burcia breed of goats and also produces the beloved Drunken Goat cheese you see in of many markets. Cabra Romero has a beautiful Rosemary crust that is striking on a cheese board, and a smooth creamy flavor of herb that is evident in each bite and pairs well with most wine.

Moliterno al Tartufo is produced on the island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy, this is not just a beautifully elegant looking cheese, it is an unforgettably dense and fudgy pecorino laced with thick veins of black truffle. While many truffle cheeses are fresh, this one is aged with a special natural ingredient added, interestingly after some aging has already taken place. The paste is infused with freshly ground black truffles during a proprietary injection process, creating the unique zebra stripes whose flavors permeate the wheels during additional months of aging.

Fior d’Arancio is an outstanding blue cheese made in Veneto, Italy. The milk comes from Friesian, Brown Alpine and Red Cows, free-pastured in local cooperative dairies. Once the wheels are made, they are pierced in barrels and bathed in Fior d’Arancio DOCG (a high-quality sweet Moscato wine) for about 30 days. Finished on wooden planks, the wheels are topped with orange peel. This blue is sweet, salty, with complex aromas of honey, peach, orange blossom, and wildflowers. A truly unique blue that will have you wanting more.

Check out this incredible board idea from Sugar and Charm for your Thanksgiving party!

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