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Complexity: Our Namesake

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Complexity is one of the attributes that we love most about wine.  Complexity is what communicates each wine’s unique qualities from the moment the bouquet reaches your nose, to the flavors it releases upfront at first sip and the flavor transformation that takes place in its distinct finish. Complexity tells the winemakers story. It describes the type of grape, the terroir and the region/climate it was grown in, how it was fermented, the vessel it was aged in, and even when it was harvested.  For example, a warm climate California Cabernet Sauvignon can start out very fruit forward with dark fruits, in the long finish you may discover vanilla, cocoa, or even sweet tobacco and hints of cedar, all drawn out from the oak barrel it was aged in.

The beauty about wine is that every varietal has its own personality and when a great winemaker puts their heart and soul into evolving that personality you get a unique story corked into every bottle.  Complex wines do not have to be bold, powerful wines.  They can be soft, light and even quiet until paired with food. 

Yes, food can also add to the complexity of a wine. When you find that perfect match of wine and food flavors it has the ability to evoke an emotional response. To sit down at the end of the day with a great glass of wine and a few pieces of cheese can ease the tension of the day and resets your focus. Whether you’re sitting with friends, coworkers, or your significant other; it puts you in the here and now allowing you to just enjoy the moment and let go of the day’s stress.

This is what Complexity Wine Lounge is about and why we chose our name.  We are not just selling wine, we want each customer's visit to be a unique experience and a discovery of great complexity that wine and food has to offer.

Our vision is to provide this unique experience in a stylish gathering place for after work, romantic dates, and weekend get-togethers. We will always be happy to recommend a wine but we know that every palate is different and our passion is to help each customer find their perfect wine, that they love! 

Although we love the complexity of wine don’t be misled because loving wine does not have to be complicated. We believe that great wine is about personal taste and sharing with friends and family… it’s just that simple.

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